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Buy Xanax Cod Delivery, Order Alprazolam Online India

Dumbleton Used Auto Parts located near Ithaca, New York, has served the area since 1966. We are proud of our achievements in helping the community and the environment. We offer quality, warranted, used auto parts at a fraction of the cost of new. Choose from our huge inventory of parts, from wheels to transmissions, engine parts to radiators and everything in between.

If you need help finding a specific part, please contact us by phone, fax, email, or in person.

Here at Dumbleton Used Auto Parts we are proud to support our communities in many ways including supplying cars for practice to both the Volunteer Fire Departments in the area, the FBI’s bomb practices, and supporting the local sporting teams.

Buy Xanax Cod Delivery, Order Alprazolam Online India



Committed to Recycling, Ithaca, NY

All unusable parts are processed for shipment to smelters to be converted into recycled steel.

Have an old car or truck you’d like to bring in for cash? We offer “cash for clunkers.” You’ll earn some extra money plus feel good knowing you’re doing your part to recycle. We specialize in salvage of used cars, trucks and vans.

Dumbleton Used Auto Parts proudly serves all of Wyoming County and the surrounding areas including Livingston, Genesee , and Monroe Counties in New York.

  • Friendly and experienced used auto part professionals
  • Dedication to the environment through recycling
  • Wide selection of used car, truck and van parts for all makes and models, both foreign and domestic
  • FREE NATIONWIDE PARTS LOCATING SERVICE (If we don’t have the specific part you need, we’ll help you find it)
  • Over five decades of service to the community
  • Serving the used auto part needs of customers worldwide and locally throughout Wyoming County
  • Engines, Transmissions, Rear Ends, Tires, and all usable parts for your car

Call Dumbleton Used Auto Parts near Ithaca, NY today at Cheapest 2Mg Xanax. We look forward to serving you!